Reliance soon to raise MA oil production to 21,000 b/d

Vol 13, PW 4 (30 Jul 09) Exploration & Production

Reliance is moving closer to its target of 40,000 b/d peak output from the MA oilfield, which sits inside its better-known D6 gasfield.

PETROWATCH learns over the next few days Transocean deepwater drillship Deepwater Frontier will â€کcomplete’ well MA-6H, raising to four the number of producers pumping out MA crude. “The fourth well should produce another 7000 to 8000 b/d,â€‌ reports a source.

With present production around 14,000 b/d, this means by end-August MA should be producing nearer 21,000 b/d. Deepwater Frontier spud â€کmultilateral’ well MA-6H on May 22 and begin drilling to TD of between 6200 and 6250 metres targeting a 24-metre column at different levels, we hear.

“Multilateral wells are best for getting maximum production.â€‌ In addition to oil, the MA oilfield is also producing up to 2m cm/d of gas, but instead of being shipped to shore and sold to customers alongside D6 gas, it is re-injected into the MA reservoir to stimulate oil production.

“The reservoir is yet to fully stabilise,â€‌ adds a source. “Reliance needs to re-inject the gas for at least another two months to efficiently manage the reservoir.

â€‌ With luck Reliance hopes an under-construction pipeline to evacuate MA gas to the Control Riser Platform of the D6 field will be ready by September. “Right now the pipeline is being tested,â€‌ we hear.

“It should be ready latest in another two months.â€‌ Under its Field Development Plan for MA, Reliance can evacuate surplus gas to its onshore terminal where it will be mixed with D6 gas for onward sales.

Will a fifth producer be drilled at MA to accelerate oil production “No decision has been taken yet,â€‌ we hear. “Reliance has a backlog of exploration and development wells to drill elsewhere.

Any decision on a fifth well at MA will be taken after this well is completed and put on production.â€‌ At its peak, Reliance feels MA could yield around 40,000 b/d for 10 years.