Sharp hike in MA gas production expected

Vol 17, PW 5 (03 Oct 13) Exploration & Production

Gas production will shoot up dramatically in the next financial year at Reliance's MA field within the D6 block after the company completes a development well and workover at two other wells.

PETROWATCH learns Reliance aims to double MA gas production from 3.5m cm/d today to 7m cm/d in 2014-15. Only four of six wells are currently producing at the 49.71-sq km MA field, which produces a quarter of D6’s total gas output.

Reliance spud development well MA-8 in mid-September in water depths of 1200 metres using Transocean-owned drillship DD-KG2 and will drill MA-8 to 5000 metres TD. By September 23 it had reached 1700 metres.

A source at the DGH says the cost of drilling and completing the development well and workover at the two other wells MA-6H and MA-7H will be around $270m. "We don't know which well (MA-6H or MA-7H) will be worked over first," he adds.

After workover, Reliance will convert MA-6H and MA-7H into gas producers by side-tracking and completing them in an 'upper' zone. These sidetracked wells will be drilled vertically to over 2000 metres, then horizontally 1500 metres to 2000 metres to reach the reservoir at 3500 metres to 4000 metres.

Reliance must also add gas compressors at MA-6H and MA-7H. Reliance should complete and hook up MA-8 by March 2014 while workover at the other wells can be completed by September 2014.

Reliance (60%) shares D6 with BP (30%) and Niko (10%).