Reliance hard at work to revive 'sick' D6 wells

Vol 17, PW 20 (22 May 14) Exploration & Production

Reliance is busy ‘working over’ sick wells at the D1 and D3 producing gasfield within the D6 or KG-DWN-98/3 permit off Andhra Pradesh.

Last week Transocean drillship DD KG2 reached well B-4 within the D1 and D3 area to carry out a workover operation and shut water ingress. "The rig has reached location but hasn't entered the well," said Reliance on May 14.

Well B-4 sits in water depths of 700 metres and was completed at 3000 metres TD. DD-KG2 was previously working over well MA-6H at the MA oilfield since January.

“Results from the workover at MA-6H have yet to be seen,” says a DGH source. However he adds Reliance failed to shut water ingress at the KG D6 A2a-W0 well in D1 and D3 in January this year.

In total, 10 wells at D1 and D3 are facing problems. "One stopped producing because of sand control issues," adds Reliance.

"Nine are shut because of water ingress." Reliance is using the 'bridge plug' method of workover, recommended by partner BP to arrest declining production.

Current gas production from D1 and D3 is 8m cm/d while the MA oilfield, ring-fenced within the D6 area, is producing 5.3m cm/d, taking the total to 13.3m cm/d, down from 13.5m cm/d in March 2014. MA was producing 6305 b/d by May 14, up from 6000 b/d in March 2014.

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