Aker keeps the party going at D6 gasfield

Vol 17, PW 2 (22 Aug 13) Exploration & Production

Reliance's glory days at D6 may be over but it's working hard to keep the party going! Mumbai-based Aker Powergas has begun engineering work for a new gas booster compression system at the Gadimoga village D6 landfall point on the Andhra coast.

Reliance awarded the $2.5m contract to Aker in June and wants the Norwegian company to do engineering for and help procure three booster compressors, including a standby unit, to counter depleting pressure from the D1 and D3 gasfields. These compressors must also handle expected production of an additional 10m cm/d from the D2, D6, D22 and D19 fields when eight wells are drilled by 2016-17.

Each booster must be equipped to handle 80m cm/d. Aker is offering Reliance technical advice to procure equipment for the $200m project, expected to be ready in phases in two years.

But Reliance will order equipment directly from manufacturers. Siemens is likely to win the compressors order, “because the compressors installed at D6 are from Siemens," we hear.

Reliance invited EoIs on August 19 from contractors with five years experience supplying civil construction material like cement, bricks, sand, crusher dust, boulders, structural steel, reinforced steel, galvanised iron sheets, galvanised iron pipes, mild steel sheets, welding electrodes, paints, thinners, primers, epoxy, anchor fasteners, foundation bolts and hex bolts. Contractors must send in EoIs by September 9.