Workaholic Sarraf scares colleagues

Vol 17, PW 4 (19 Sep 13) News in Brief

ONGC managers are happy with the selection of OVL managing director DK Sarraf to replace Sudhir Vasudeva as ONGC chairman when he retires next February.

But they are also worrying about keeping up with the long hours he works. "Sarraf is a workaholic," says an ONGC source.

"We need to work out to build up stamina to work like him." When Sarraf was ONGC director finance before moving to OVL in September 2011, he had two sets of secretaries and personal staff.

"His support staff used to come in shifts," we hear. "The first shift ran from 8am to 4pm.

The second shift began at 4pm, ending at 11:30pm or later." On the bright side, Sarraf has been an ONGC board member long enough to know the company inside out.

"As a finance man he is familiar with the challenges that might come up," we learn. Sarraf is known for always completing work on time even though he goes into great detail.

"He never lets files pile up," we hear.

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