Hunt on to replace workaholic EIL chief Gupta

Vol 20, PW 20 (29 Jun 17) People & Policy

Whoever replaces Sanjay Gupta as chairman of state-owned Engineers India will hopefully be more relaxed and open to delegating work.

As the PESB began hunting for Gupta's successor on June 19 company sources tell this report he has a reputation as a micro-managing workaholic who reaches office at 6am and leaves at 10pm. A former colleague of Gupta said: "When we were going to parties and socialising with colleagues and families he was more interested in staying in the office reading files!" Gupta retires on October 31, 2017 and anyone who wants to replace him has until August 24 to apply.

Some believe the next chairman will come from outside the company. AK Purwaha, they say, became EIL chairman in October 2009 after working as GAIL's director business development.

Within Engineers India only three directors are eligible: VC Bhandari, director HR, aged 57 (born February 22, 1960); JC Nakra, director projects, aged 56 (born January 19, 1961); and RK Sabharwal, director commercial aged 55 (born May 20, 1962). Nakra previously worked in marketing and Bhandari was previously in projects but also worked as an executive director HR.

However sources tell us Nakra is devoid of charisma while Bhandari is an electrical engineer. "Sabharwal was in the contracts and purchase department before becoming a director," says one source.

"He knows contractors well." But another source fears introverted Sabharwal, has health problems and might not apply.

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