Vartika Shukla next EIL dir. tech

Vol 23, PW 5 (16 Jan 20) News in Brief

As predicted by this report in August (2019) Vartika Shukla has been selected as the next director technical at Engineers India.

(Mrs) Shukla was selected after PESB interviews held at 10am and 12:30pm on January 8 (2020) beating six others. Aged 53, she will take over from Lalit Kumar Vijh, who retires as EIL's director technical on July 31 (2020).

"It is too premature for me to comment," said Shukla, when contacted. "Let all approvals come in first."

Shukla is currently executive director in EIL's technical directorate where she heads the research and development department. Others in the race were EIL executive directors Nitin Deoras, Jayati Ghosh, Sanjoy Mukherjee, Rajeev Gupta, and chief general manager Sunil Kumar Saxena.

Also interviewed was Goutam Chakraborty, a chief general manager at GAIL. Shukla is known in the industry as "friendly and soft spoken" and is lauded for her "hard-working and focused nature."

She holds a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) at Kanpur, graduating in 1988 and joining EIL the following year on July 1. Last year (2019) Shukla also appeared for the director technical interviews at Petronet-LNG and came second after Anil Joshi from GSPC LNG.