Still no word on Petronet-LNG selection of Joshi

Vol 22, PW 16 (30 May 19) People & Policy

GSPC LNG president (projects) Anil Joshi still awaits formal confirmation of his selection as Petronet-LNG's next director technical to replace Rajender Singh who retires on July 19.

Some are determined he should be denied the job at all costs. An anonymous email received by this report claims Joshi does not have the operational experience for the job where he was shortlisted on May 15 by Petronet-LNG directors alongside Engineers India executive director (Ms) Vartika Shukla.

"Since the Mundra terminal set up by GSPC LNG and Adani is not commissioned yet," says the email, "he does not match the qualification criteria for operational experience." A Petronet-LNG source adds the Board received several complaints about Joshi which explains the delay in his final selection.

"They debated it for more than four hours," we hear. "But came to no decision."

Joshi's critics point to an ONGC reprimand he received when he left the company abruptly to join Petronet-LNG in August 2006. Employed by ONGC, Joshi was on deputation to Petronet-LNG from August 1999 to July 2006 but on his imminent return to ONGC was transferred to Assam.

"He didn't want to move to Assam so resigned from ONGC," adds a source. But his resignation was not accepted by (then) ONGC director human resources AK Balyan.

In July 2010, Balyan was appointed Petronet-LNG managing director leading to Joshi's decision to leave and join Adani in January 2011.