DK Sarraf is acting very strange

Vol 20, PW 19 (15 Jun 17) News in Brief

Several people close to outgoing ONGC chairman DK Sarraf say there has been a visible and startling change in his personality over the past six months, most likely because he is stressed about his imminent retirement on September 30.

"He has become very assertive (read aggressive)," says one of Sarraf's subordinates. "It's very difficult to talk to him." Our source complains Sarraf doesn't let colleagues speak during meetings.

"He insists that nobody can interrupt him," we hear. "Nobody is allowed to give an opinion.

Last week he shouted at an executive director and used foul language. Junior officers weren't spared either." Sarraf is reportedly also micro-managing projects to the minutest detail, with files getting sent back and forth to him.

"He just puts commas and red marks on files," we hear. "This delays everything." Another source who works with Sarraf says he is a "good slave but a bad master".

Or put another way, he obeys the ministry without question but is ruthless with underlings. Yet another source says Sarraf is focused only on one thing: pleasing oil minister Dharmendra Pradhan.

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