Reliance encounters â€کmud loss' at D6 appraisal well

Vol 13, PW 5 (13 Aug 09) Exploration & Production

Reliance has managed to control a â€کmud loss’ problem that threatened to prolong drilling of an appraisal well at its D6 gasfield.

PETROWATCH learns Transocean operated drillship Deepwater Expedition experienced â€کmud loss’ at close to 6000 metres water depth while drilling well BA-2 at D6, spud on April 1 this year, and which Reliance wants to drill to TD of 7100 metres. “The well is yet to stabilise,â€‌ reports an industry source.

“I think Reliance has fractured the formation at the well and is trying to overcome the problem.â€‌ By now, say industry sources, Reliance should have moved Expedition to another well from BA-2.

“Expedition will move to another well after reaching TD of 7100,â€‌ we hear. After reaching TD, Reliance has no plan to â€کcomplete’ well BA-2.

“Right now Reliance is only testing wells and will â€کcomplete’ them closer to production,â€‌ we hear. Expedition is expected to spend another 15 days on location at well BA-2.

Meanwhile, another Transocean rig on hire to Reliance, Deepwater Frontier, has completed well MA-6H at the MA oilfield that lies within D6. Spud on May 22, well MA-6H was drilled to TD of between 6200 to 6250 metres and takes the number of producing wells at MA to four.

“Reliance has â€کcompleted’ the well but is yet to connect it,â€‌ said a source. “It should be done soon.

â€‌ Well MA-6H is expected to produce an additional 7000 to 8000 b/d at D6. Frontier has since moved to the main D6 gasfield to drill development well A-1 to TD of 2198 metres.

“Reliance will complete this well and keep it ready for production,â€‌ says a source. Once ready, gas production from well A-1 should range from 30m to 40m cf/d.

This report also learns Discoverer 534, a third Transocean drillship with Reliance, has begun appraisal of the CY-III-D5-A1 discovery at NELP-III deepwater block CY-DWN-2001/2, which it announced on July 17 last year. Discoverer sailed from Reliance’s NEC-25 block to the Cauvery block around July 10 and spud well CY-III-D5-A2 on July 22.

TD should be reached in 45 days.