Oil India plans 2 wells for Dangeru-1 discovery

Vol 20, PW 11 (23 Feb 17) Exploration & Production

Two years after it struck gas, Oil India is gearing up to test the commerciality of its promising Dangeru-1 discovery at KG-ONN-2004/1.

Two appraisal wells - one 'firm' one 'optional' and both directional - are planned near Dangeru-1, which flowed 13,000-20,000 cm/d from four zones during testing between mid-October and mid-December 2014. By February 20, Essar rig LR-3 was heading to well location DNG-A1, which Oil India wants to spud by March 9.

"This will be a 'J' bend well," reports a source. "After this well we want to spud a second appraisal well." To help it, Oil India has hired Halliburton, which on January 27 beat rivals Schlumberger and Baker Hughes to win a six-month Rs2.2cr ($330,000) contract to provide directional and measurement while drilling services.

Halliburton is expected to mobilise to DNG-A1 by mid-March, says a source. Despite an invitation, Weatherford declined to bid, adds Oil India.

On completion of well DNG-A1, expect a second appraisal well at (tentatively named) 'Location 13' pending receipt of mandatory Environmental Clearance. Elsewhere, a Nabors 3000-hp rig continues to drill troubled HP/HT well YLK-1 and by February 20 the drill bit had reached 1506 metres - still short of planned 5200 metres TD.

"Initially we wanted to use a 13 5/8-inch casing at 2700 metres," adds a source. "But because of continuing 'mud loss' we are using it at 1506 metres."

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