Impatient drillers expecting ONGC jackup tender

Vol 20, PW 11 (23 Feb 17) Exploration & Production

After several false starts, ONGC's much-awaited eight-rig tender is expected this month (February).

First the tender was delayed six months until the ministry decided it wanted standard jack-ups not high-spec rigs. Then last November it transmuted into a 'blend and extend' proposal to extend current contracts at reduced rates.

Now a fresh proposal to re-hire or replace eight rigs for three years went before ONGC's Executive Committee on February 15. But lack of time forced a postponement and the matter was held over till the next meeting.

"The Committee meets weekly," we hear, "or more frequently if needed." ONGC's drilling team in Mumbai prepared the rig hire proposal on January 10 and it was listed on the EC agenda after approval by director technology and field services Shashi Shanker. ONGC is likely to use the rigs mostly in the western offshore, five to drill development wells and three to drill exploration wells.

Of the rigs for development wells, ONGC wants four of Marathon LeTourneau, Baker Marine Class or Levingston design and one Friede & Goldman class rig to replace Aban Ice. Of the exploration well rigs, one must be equipped to work in water depths of 300-feet (91 metres) in HP/HT environments, one must be a Marathon LeTourneau, Baker Marine or Levingston rig and one must be an independent leg slot or cantilever jack-up to replace Shelf Drilling rig J.


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