Jubilant Energy appoints new CEO

Vol 13, PW 5 (13 Aug 09) News in Brief

Bhartia-controlled Jubilant Energy has appointed Ajay Khandelwal as its new Chief Executive Officer to run its oil and gas business.

Khandelwal began work on (Monday) August 3 and replaces Atul Sathe who has been the company CEO for close to three years. Sathe, we learn, will continue his association with Jubilant as an advisor to both Bhartia brothers.

“I will be advisor to the chairman (Shyam Bhartia) and co-chairman (Hari Bhartia),â€‌ said Sathe, when contacted by this report. “I will offer my advice on all the business interests of the Jubilant Group, including energy.

â€‌ Khandelwal is believed to have spent his first week in the office familiarising himself with the company’s business. A quick web search on Khandelwal says his last job before joining Jubilant was as director with Frontline Corporate Services and that he also worked with Shell for five years from 2001 till 2006.

Khandelwal completed his masters in business administration from the UK in 2000.

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