Downstream regulator moves back to renovated office

Vol 12, PW 4 (10 Jul 08) People & Policy

Staff at the Petroleum & Natural Gas Regulatory Board will settle in to plush new renovated offices this month at the World Trade Centre near Connaught Place in Delhi.

PETROWATCH learns Board staff will leave the Hindustan Petroleum offices at Scope Minar complex in Lakshmi Nagar, where they have been for nearly six months, and return to the new WTC offices, replete with a canteen, high-tech security and VIP perks. “We will move back around July 15,â€‌ confirms a Board source.

As is customary, Board staff will hold a â€کpuja’ (Hindu religious ceremony) to mark the occasion. Last week one of our correspondents toured the new office and found three dozen workers from Sharma Construction installing lights and patching up bare spots in a last-minute rush to complete the toilets by mid-July.

Anyone who remembers the basic amenities from the Board’s previous occupancy of these offices will be pleasantly surprised at the gleaming new site. “The place has been built from scratch,â€‌ a contractor’s employee tells us.

The first eye-catcher is a reception area adorned by the regulatory board logo framed by overhead lights in a room filled with comfortable seats for visitors. Cameras have been installed to monitor who comes and goes.

If you make it through to the sanctum, 25 glass-door cabins against the walls will await you. “Each cabin will also have a glass table,â€‌ adds a source, “so staff can have their lunch or drink tea while relaxing.

â€‌ Whether they’ll have time to â€کrelax’ is another matter. In the middle are 14 cubicles that seat four people each.

Visitors not invited into a cabin can â€کrelax’ on sofas next to the cubicles before being ushered into one of two conference rooms that seat around 35 each or a slightly smaller one that can hold about 20 guests. Board employees used this office for about a year before the renovation but were forced to temporarily re-locate so it could be made bigger to accommodate new staff.

Around 40 people work at the Board today but another 15 or 20 are expected to join shortly.