Regulator wants to control safety watchdog

Vol 11, PW 12 (18 Oct 07) News in Brief

The oil ministry has rebuffed efforts by the office of the new downstream and gas regulator Labanyendu Mansingh to take control of the Oil Industry Safety Directorate.

In September the ministry wrote two letters rejecting the regulator’s request for control of the OISD to pass to his office. “It has not been found possible to transfer the control and supervision of OISD,â€‌ writes the ministry.

Moreover, the ministry wants the regulator to “consider adopting OISD standards on technical and safety parameters prepared from actual experience over a considerable amount of time.â€‌ In a gentle swipe, the ministry advises the regulator not to “reinvent the wheelâ€‌ by drawing up technical standards “including safety standards in activities related to petroleum, petroleum products and natural gas.

â€‌ Mansingh argues the OISD has no statutory backing and should be placed under the “control and supervision of the regulatory boardâ€‌ which was set up by an Act of parliament.