Take note of new safety standards for the oil sector

Vol 8, PW 19 (15 Dec 04) News in Brief

Indias safety watchdog the Oil Industry Safety Directorate has introduced two new safety standards for the upstream sector and is reviewing three others.

Drillers should note new safety standard OISD-GDN for the safe rig-up and rig-down of drilling and workover rigs and new standard OISD-GDN-219 for field inspection, handling and testing of casing pipe and tubing. Another three standards have undergone a complete review by the OISD.

These are: OISD-STD-105 (work permit system), OISD-STD-118 (layouts for oil and gas installation), and OISD-STD-163 (safety of control room for hydrocarbon industry). Also under preparation is a new standard for City Gas Distribution.

According to the OISD, this is being reviewed and scrutinised as per the approved process. Once included in the Petroleum Rules, these standards will have to be followed by everyone in the oil industry state owned and private sector players alike.