Gas regulator's office uses â€کdial-up'

Vol 11, PW 21 (06 Mar 08) News in Brief

Staffing and infrastructure problems continue to beset the office of the downstream and gas regulator.

Last week PETROWATCH visited the regulator’s temporary office in the HPCL building in east Delhi. “We don’t even have broadband internet connection,â€‌ reports a Board source.

“We have to use dial-up and this blocks our telephone landline. Even the (old) computers that came two days back are from HPCL.

â€‌ Requests for adequate staff are also falling on deaf ears. When the regulator asked for permission to create 103 posts, the government granted permission for 33 posts only! “Hiring staff must be approved by the finance ministry,â€‌ we hear.

“They pay the salaries. TRAI (telecom regulator) is facing similar problems.

Only SEBI (stock market regulator) has 400 staff. They are the â€کblue-eyed’ boys of the finance ministry.

â€‌ On February 28 and 29 the Board interviewed candidates from state-owned companies interested in working with the regulator on a temporary basis.

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