British Gas moves out of Gurgaon back to central Delhi

Vol 11, PW 4 (28 Jun 07) People & Policy

Think twice before you move to Gurgaon, a high-tech Delhi suburb, long a multinational favourite.

PETROWATCH learns British Gas is shutting down its office in Gurgaon and moving its 30 or so employees to offices in more convenient central Delhi and Mumbai. Most of BG’s gas business, plus policy and corporate affairs staff work from Gurgaon; E&P works from Mumbai.

Gujarat Gas, the retail gas business, has its HQ in Ahmedabad. BG finds the Gurgaon office logistically difficult.

“Executives from Mumbai and Gujarat regularly travel to Delhi for meetings in the oil ministry,â€‌ we hear. When in Delhi they work from the Gurgaon office but because the oil ministry and the DGH are located in central Delhi, they must commute from Gurgaon.

“Commuting to Delhi from Gurgaon is very time consuming,â€‌ says a source. “Travelling back from just one meeting in Delhi means half the day is gone.

By the time you return to Gurgaon you can’t do any work.â€‌ Worse, when there are two meetings in Delhi with a long interval, BG executives have no choice but to “hang outâ€‌ in the coffee shops of luxury five star hotels, killing time till the next meeting.

Naturally, productivity levels suffer. BG is now planning to open a small office in central Delhi, possibly in the World Trade Tower near Connaught Place, hardly 50 metres from the office of the new downstream regulator in the nearby (confusingly named) World Trade Centre, which also houses the office of Petronet-LNG.

Not far are the oil ministry and the DGH. “BG’s Delhi office will be more like a liaison facility,â€‌ we hear.

“All the other work will move to Mumbai.â€‌ Staff moving to Mumbai will work from a brand new multi-storeyed office in the northeastern suburb of Powai.

Some Gurgaon BG staff members have already begun moving to Mumbai; others have declined and resigned their jobs. By end-July, all BG staff members will have left Gurgaon for central Delhi or Mumbai.

Insiders believe “efficiency and synergy will improveâ€‌ with the E&P and downstream gas business under one roof.