Staff needed to fill seats in the gas regulator's office

Vol 11, PW 9 (06 Sep 07) Midstream & Downstream

Without staff, it’s difficult for any organisation to begin work.

And so it is with the new Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board, as it readies to oversee India’s downstream and gas sectors. A source tells us the board has desperately been sending letters to the oil ministry since July requesting, “sanctionâ€‌ for posts at various levels.

One letter on August 16th notes: “Even after the posts at various levels for the board are sanctioned by the government, it would take us some time to fill up the posts.â€‌ In the intervening period, the board wants the ministry to “kindly intervene and facilitate the provision of some bare minimum skilled staffâ€‌ from state-owned oil and gas companies and “secretariat staffâ€‌ from the oil or other ministries “on a loan basisâ€‌.

As soon as the ministry approves the regulator’s “human resource requirementâ€‌, such staff on loan, “may have the option to come on deputation to the board, if permitted by the approved recruitment procedure, or if this is not possible, they could continue to work with the board till we can fill up the posts.â€‌ We understand the regulatory board is looking for about 40 staff: two directors, two deputy directors, four desk officers, one accountant and six assistants.

It also wants eight personal secretaries and four personal assistants. Also required are 12 â€کskilled’ staff with experience in the development and operation of CGD networks; natural gas pipelines; gas marketing and pricing; gas sale-purchase contracts; downstream oil and gas project evaluation; data storage and management; and information technology.

The regulatory board also wants money from the ministry for its day-to-day operations. In addition, the board also wants the ministry to â€کnotify’ the provisions of the Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board Act, 2006 in the Official Gazette, so that they can “come into forceâ€‌.