ONGC fast-tracks internal promotions

Vol 22, PW 11 (21 Mar 19) News in Brief

ONGC is fast-tracking the promotion of middle managers and increasing the number of group general managers (GGMs) and general managers (GMs) to fill a hole triggered by the large-scale retirement of senior staff.

Usually, the annual promotion list is announced by early January but this year it is expected to be unveiled by March 23 after "Holi’ (the Hindu festival of colours) on March 21. ONGC sources blame the delay on preparatory work to increase the number of GGMs from 71 to 98.

Also to be increased is the number of GMs from 423 to 493. But the number of executive directors (EDs) is likely to stay unchanged at 48.

"Many work locations that had ED bosses are being downgraded to GGM bosses," we hear. "No need to have EDs heading all work locations."

ONGC bosses are also considering promoting to GGM level officers who were promoted to GM in 2017 against 2016. "This will accelerate promotions and fill in the vacant GGM positions," says a senior ONGC source.

Every month around 250 staff retire from ONGC - a trend expected to continue for another year.