Ocean Bottom Cable delay for ONGC's 3D seismic tender

Vol 7, PW 8 (02 Jul 03) News in Brief

Seismic contractors watching ONGC's latest tender to shoot 3D data will have to wait till 15th July.

It emerges that the tender, due end-June, has been delayed because ONGC plans to include Ocean Bottom Cable data acquisition as part of the scope of work and is waiting for approval from its Executive Purchase Committee. In Ocean Bottom Cable data acquisition a streamer shoots seismic data with the help of an array of hydrophones placed in shallow waters.

Officials handling the project are aiming for EPC approval before 15th July. The tender will cover 26 offshore blocks - 17 western offshore and nine eastern offshore - where ONGC wants to shoot 15,000-sq km 3D.

Some of these blocks were awarded to ONGC during the NELP-III round. "This time ONGC plans to shoot seismic for the first time in some areas of the (eastern offshore) Mahanadi Basin and (western) offshore Ratnagiri," reveals a source.

Veritas, Western Geco, Fugro-Geoteam and LARGE are among those expected to bid.

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