ONGC shortlists seven companies for 3D survey

Vol 10, PW 24 (05 Apr 07) News in Brief

Seven companies are competing for an ocean bottom cable 3D seismic tender issued by ONGC on 23rd March.

PETROWATCH understands ONGC first short listed PGS of Norway, CGGVeritas of France, US-based Grant Geophysical and Western Geco, as well as two state-owned Russian companies, YMG and Sevmorgeo. Another US company, Global Geophysical, was short listed later.

We also learn ONGC met Sevmorgeo on 3rd April to seek clarifications about the technologyit uses before short-listing the company and allowing it to bid."ONGC wants to acquire 3D in water depths of 10-15 metres," we hear. "Itwants to carry out an ocean bottom cable survey because a typical seismic vessel can't work in such shallow depths." Valued at around $45m, ONGC wants the winning contractor to carry outthe survey across an area of 708-sq km in the Mumbai High region.

Pre-bid conferences have been scheduled for the 12th and 19th of this month in Mumbai.

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