Priority exploration areas in Cauvery

Vol 4, PW 13 (02 Aug 00) Exploration & Production

In the last issue of Petrowatch we reported growing confidence at ONGC of the hidden gas potential of the Cauvery basin offshore Tamil Nadu in southern India.

In this issue we take a closer look at the priority areas singled out for future exploration. The three areas below are generating great excitement: Ramnad sub-basin Kuthalam area Nagapattinam sub-basin and flanks of Karaikal High Ramnad sub-basin: Phase One and Phase Two 3D data has been acquired and interpreted.

Further data is under detailed interpretation and a two-year exploration programme is under preparation. ONGC has identified four new drilling sites from data interpreted so far.

Precise location unavailable. Kuthalam: Explorers tell this report they have obtained an exploration lead from Mayiladudurai-1 (MY-1) and have identified a satellite structure.

A Phase One 3D survey is under interpretation. A Phase Two 3D survey is being processed, while a Phase Three survey has just been acquired and is under processing.

A total of seven priority drilling locations have been identified. Precise location unavailable.

Nagapattinam sub-basin: Almost all of ONGC's producing oil and gasfields are situated in this area. More satellite structures have been identified.

Here, extensive delineation of existing fields and mapping of extensions is underway. A total of 15 drilling locations have been identified.

Precise location unavailable.