Priority locations in the Krishna Godavari basin

Vol 4, PW 14 (16 Aug 00) Exploration & Production

In the last two issue of Petrowatch we examined the gas-producing potential of the Cauvery basin.

In this issue we turn our attention to the Krishna Godavari basin further north. Information gleaned by Petrowatch from documents available with parliament and dated June this year indicate ONGC has singled out the following areas as 'priority' for offshore exploration and development: gas wells GS-15, GS-23 and GS-29, and a location offshore Yanam in shallow water.

Deepwater exploration continues to take centre stage, with three 'A' priority prospects earmarked for exploration and four 'B' deepwater prospects. It is not clear if these 'A' deepwater locations include the three already drilled, or new sites.

Onshore Krishna Godavari, attention is focussed on the 'New Island Polavaram' area, a location between 'Gokarnapuram' and 'Suryaraopet', and acreage between 'West of Kaza' and 'North East of Eluru' (Dosapadu). Locations available as on June 1st, 2000 'A' category 'B' category Onland 12 48 Offshore-deepwater 3 4 Offshore-shallow 4 12 Total 19 64 Intriguing also is that the figures below confirm what many have long suspected: the Krishna Godavari basin has one of the highest drilling success rates of any basin in India.

Status of prospects & wells as on 1st June 2000 Onland Offshore Total Prospects Drilled 115 49 164 Hydrocarbon bearing 38 7 45 Percentage success 33% 14.3% 27.4% Wells Drilled 268 97 365 Hydrocarbon bearing 108 35 143 Percentage success 40% 36% 39%