In-place reserves of Krishna Godavari

Vol 4, PW 14 (16 Aug 00) Exploration & Production

Of particular interest to any oil company interested in a particular basin is information about its initial in-place reserves.

The figures below provide a true and accurate picture of estimates of the potential of the Krishna Godavari basin Prognosticated resources, Initial In-Place (IIP) and Ultimate Reserves (UR) in oil and oil equivalent gas Prognosticated Initial In-Place Ultimate IIP% wrt prognosticated UR% wrt to IIP Onland 575m tonnes 96.23m tonnes 51.16m tonnes 16.77% 53.25% Offshore (inc. Ravva) 555m tonnes 100.91m tonnes* 40.31m tonnes** 18.20% 39.9% Total 1.13bn tonnes 197.14m tonnes 91.47m tonnes 17.5% 46.40%