Cairn staff told to leave Gurgaon for Rajasthan

Vol 20, PW 25 (07 Sep 17) People & Policy

Vedanta owner Anil Agarwal has been labeled "ruthless" by Cairn employees upset that he has ordered them to move from green and serene Delhi to the company's operations centre at Barmer in the searing heat of the Rajasthan desert.

PETROWATCH learns Cairn is planning to close its Gurgaon office forcing hundreds of employees to either move to Barmer or look for a new job. "Our management didn't think about us before deciding this move," says an angry Cairn employee.

"We have no choice." Another company source adds: "Everything is fluid. Employees have been told Barmer is the focus but we don't know if the office there is ready to receive us." A third Cairn employee sounded equally worried over the imminent move.

"My wife works in Gurgaon," he says. "She can't leave her job and come with me.

I will have to leave the family here or look for a new job." A fourth Cairn source says more than 50 people have resigned in the past three months and overall staff strength has fallen from around 1500 in 2015 to around 500 today. In Rajasthan, Cairn operates the RJ-ON-90/1 oil and gasfield producing around 157,000 b/d or around 25% of India's domestic production.

Cairn employees at the producing Ravva and Cambay fields are equally affected with plans afoot to migrate them to Surat. "I don't know what the management has in mind," says a Cairn source.