Vivek Rae is in love with Cairn India

Vol 16, PW 26 (25 Jul 13) People & Policy

Vivek Rae couldn’t have been more effusive in his praise for Cairn India on the oil secretary’s first visit to its Gurgaon corporate office on July 15.

Rae, along with DGH boss RN Choubey, oil ministry joint secretary Aramane Giridhar and ONGC director (offshore) PK Borthakur, visited Cairn at the invitation of P. Elango, company CEO.

He reached the Cairn office around 10.30 am and stayed until after lunch, leaving at 2.30pm. “Elango wanted us to see Cairn’s technical capabilities and technology achievements including the latest 3D interpretation facility," says a delegation member.

Known for his public speaking skills, Rae waxed lyrical about Cairn's achievements at Rajasthan block RJ-ON-90/1. “When I was in school,” said Rae, “we were taught a Hindi phrase: Balu se tel nikalana (to extract oil from sand - a phrase used to mean doing something impossible).

This is precisely what you at Cairn have done through your determination and technological inputs." Elango told Rae that Cairn plans to spend $3bn to drill 30 exploration wells by March 2014 and to drill more than 450 wells over the next three years to hike production to 300,000 b/d.

“Elango also asked Rae to speed up decision-making at the ministry, DGH and ONGC,” adds our source. “He also pushed for the Rajasthan block PSC to be extended ten years or till 2030.

” Rae is said to have looked favourably on Cairn's demands. “Please keep up this good work," added Rae.

"We will make sure you go from 175,000 b/d to 300,000 b/d and beyond.”

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