Go online to apply for PESB top jobs

Vol 20, PW 12 (09 Mar 17) News in Brief

Everybody needs to keep up with the times - even the Indian government's PESB recruitment arm.

Since February the PESB has for the first time begun accepting online applications for high level positions at state-owned companies. A beta version of the site (http://pesbonline.

gov.in/) has been launched for testing.

Easy to navigate and well presented, a PESB source tells us candidates can still fill out a printed application if they wish but eventually the entire process will move online. Until now candidates from state-owned companies have typically sent in CVs to their managers who then forward it to the PESB.

From now candidates can apply online. A PESB source on March 2 also tells us to look out for the ONGC chairman vacancy within a week.

On February 27, the PESB began announcing new vacancies after a six-month gap, including for a new Bharat Petro Resources managing director to replace D. Rajkumar who moved to Bharat Petroleum as chairman more than a year ago in October 2016.