ONGC to reissue $83m onland KG seismic tender

Vol 18, PW 8 (04 Dec 14) Exploration & Production

ONGC is likely to scrap and re-issue a $83m tender to shoot 2010-sq km ‘full-fold’ 3D in the Vygreswaram area of the KG basin in Andhra Pradesh.

Several contractors have expressed concerns to ONGC directors over a tight deadline to complete the project by July 2016 or within two seasons. “ONGC’s timeframe is unrealistic and unachievable,” complains a contractor.

Anger also centres on ONGC plans to levy heavy penalties if the selected contractor fails to complete the survey on time. “Whoever wins this job will inevitably pay penalties,” we hear.

Another bidder says he is still waiting for the second set of queries which ONGC should have sent last week. ONGC received the first set of technical clarifications from bidders IOT Infrastructure, Asian Oilfield, Alpha Geo, Pangea, Quippo, Houston-based Geokinetics and Russia-based Geotech on November 3.

Another ONGC tender to shoot 250-sq km 3D at the Baramura Bulge area in Tripura faces similar problems. ONGC scrapped this tender after only two bidders passed the technical round against a required minimum of three and re-issued it on November 25.

Whoever wins must mobilise by September (2015) and begin work a month later. ONGC wants bids in by December 29, 2014 but contractors complain it’s not possible to complete the work by May (2016).