Another 28 wells planned in untapped KG block

Vol 18, PW 9 (18 Dec 14) Exploration & Production

ONGC is planning to spend Rs700cr ($113m) over the next five years on 28 exploration wells at onshore PML areas in the KG basin.

Drilling will begin from January 2015 across a 1615-sq km area in Andhra Pradesh’s Krishna district, otherwise known as the West Godavari PML, which includes the Lingala, Lingala extension, KK-12, Kaikalur-3, Vadali-2, Nandigama, Malleswaram and Bantumilli PML fields. ONGC applied for environment clearance on September 22 and awaits the environment ministry’s Terms of Reference.

“These are poorly explored fields,” confirms an ONGC source. “We’ve drilled a few wells but we need to explore the area more to estimate its true potential.

’’ ONGC says it will need to take extra precautions during drilling in these areas because of extreme HP/HT conditions. Formations are also tight so there is the risk of the drill-bit getting stuck.

ONGC estimates each well will take three to four months to drill and require 700-900 cubic metres of drilling fluid and up to 250 cubic metres of ‘cuttings’. ONGC has deployed eight onland rigs in the KG basin: two for development drilling and six for exploratory drilling.

ONGC wants to explore the Kommugudem Bapatla/Gollapalli, Gajulapadu-Kanukollu and Raghavapuram petroleum systems. Kanakollu and Raghavapuram of Lower Cretaceous age are of particular interest.

ONGC has made discoveries in Krishna district at the Nandigama, Kaikalur, Vadali, Lingala, Bantumilli, Kaza, Pendurru, Malleswaram and Vanadurru South fields.

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