GSPC reaches â€کsweet spot' with appraisal well KG#28

Vol 11, PW 8 (23 Aug 07) Exploration & Production

Away from the damaging payment row with partner GeoGlobal, there’s some good news for operator GSPC at discovery block KG-OSN-2001/3.

PETROWATCH learns GSPC is preparing to test three zones at appraisal well KG#28 drilled by Saipem rig Perro Negro 3, the first appraisal well on the block. “Testing could begin sometime around August 27th,â€‌ says our source.

“The casing has been lowered and cemented.â€‌ GSPC wants to test three zones at 4800 metres, 4700 metres and 4400 metres.

Testing will carry on through most of September and might even spill over into early October. GSPC reached TVD (Total Vertical Depth) of around 5300 metres at KG#28 early this month before recording â€کcased hole logs’.

“If all goes well (during testing) this might help rewrite the exploration story on this block,â€‌ we hear. “Gas is flowing out even without perforation.

It looks like GSPC has hit a â€کsweet spot’.â€‌ A â€کsweet spot’, also called a â€کfairway’ is a sub-surface area of the highest hydrocarbon reserves concentration, reservoir thickness, porosity and permeability on a particular block, promising high productivity.

GSPC spent almost six months drilling KG#28, often interrupted by gas cuts and near blowout situations, forcing it to sidetrack the well. “Wherever they (GSPC) go in this well, even after sidetracking, they’ve encountered high flowing gas sands,â€‌ we hear.

Adds another source: “This is a high temperature, high pressure deviated well, GSPC has no textbook examples to follow while drilling, there’s a lot of learning taking place on the job.â€‌ Perro Negro 3 is the same rig that made the Deen Dayal gas discovery at well KG#8 on fault block PT12 where GSPC subsequently drilled exploratory wells KG#15 and KG#17.

Like these wells, KG#28 is also being drilled from the same location as KG#8, with the drill bit deviating at a certain point below the seabed to reach the target.