Khubal promise as ONGC moves rigs to Tripura

Vol 20, PW 16 (04 May 17) Exploration & Production

ONGC is convinced the Khubal field at AA-ONN-2001/1 in Tripura has huge untapped potential.

How else to explain its decision to deploy not just one but three 2000-hp rigs at the NELP-III block? John Energy rig John-31 and Quippo rig Quippo-5 reached Khubal in March and began drilling exploration wells soon after. ONGC's own rig BI-2000-1 is also preparing to spud a well soon.

John-31 mobilised to Tripura from the Jagudan workshop in Gujarat and spud exploration well DOAA on April 16 and by April 24 the drillbit had reached 764 metres of the planned 3800 metres TD. ONGC plans to spend Rs60cr ($9.4m) to drill this well.

Quippo-5 spud exploration well KHBK_SUB on March 30 and will drill it to 3486 metres TD for approximately Rs27cr ($4.2m). By April 24, the drillbit had reached 2840 metres.

Also at Khubal, ONGC is planning to use its own BI-2000-1 rig already on location, to spud well MUAB and then drill it to 3374 metres TD. ONGC plans to drill three wells at Khubal using the John rig and another three using the Quippo rig.

Each well will take up to four months to drill. ONGC estimates it can produce 600,000 cm/d from Khubal rising to 3m cm/d by 2020, based on the results of three promising gas discoveries at wells Khubal-4, Khubal-5 and Khubal-7.

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