ONGC wants Tripura PEL extension for 8 wells

Vol 16, PW 1 (26 Jul 12) Exploration & Production

Volatile Tripura with its rugged hills and thick forests is a challenging place to work.

But ONGC thinks the prize is worth it. ONGC Assam basin manager SK Jain wrote to oil ministry joint secretary Aramane Giridhar on July 17 asking for a seven-year PEL extension at 1496-sq km onland Tripura gas discovery block AA-ONN-2001/1.

ONGC wants the PEL extension for a 1234-sq km area where it wants to drill eight more exploration wells. ONGC is separately applying to develop the 145-sq km Khubal field where in March 2009 it announced a discovery at its Khubal-4 well, drilled to 3068 metres and flowing 122,792 cm/d during testing from a six-metre interval between 2955 and 2949 metres.

ONGC has met its three well Minimum Work Programme commitment at the block and drilled two additional appraisal wells. “More exploration wells will help us map the ‘spatial distribution of multiple formations’,” says ONGC.

“Drilling will help harness the maximum ‘upside potential’ of formations not penetrated when we drilled well Khubal-4. Shallower pools have yet to be established.

” ONGC wants to carry out exploration drilling in the prospective area outside Khubal in two phases, targeting four wells in each phase. Inside the 145-sq km core Khubal discovery area, ONGC is planning to drill development wells.

ONGC submitted a Declaration of Commerciality (DoC) for the Khubal-4 discovery to the DGH on February 22 this year. “DGH’s technical team raised some queries at the Technical Committee meeting (in March),” we hear.

“We have replied.” After DGH approval of the DoC, ONGC will prepare a FDP within a year.

Khubal is expected to begin producing 600,000 cm/d by 2016, rising to 3m cm/d by 2020.