Selan begins 8-well campaign at Indrora/Bakrol

Vol 18, PW 8 (04 Dec 14) Exploration & Production

Selan Exploration is forging ahead with an eight-well drilling campaign at its Indrora and Bakrol fields in Gujarat in an effort to sharply increase Bakrol production from 24,000 cm/d to 80,000 cm/d.

Selan expects to complete development well Indrora#15 at its 130-sq km Indrora field by December 10, the first under the Rs40cr ($6.4m) eight-well campaign for 2014-15, which received DGH approval on August 1. Selan spud Indrora#15 on November 20, using 1000-hp rig John-28 for which it signed a renewal contract with John Energy in September.

Selan used the same rig on May 12 (2014) to spud Indrora#14 - the 11th and last well of the previous campaign. “We are satisfied with this rig,” says Selan.

“So we didn’t need to keep searching for another one.” At Indrora John-28 will drill another two wells Indrora#16 and Indrora#17 before moving to the 36-sq km Bakrol gasfield near Ahmedabad.

At Bakrol, Selan will drill five wells: Bakrol#27, Bakrol#28, Bakrol#29, Bakrol#30 and Bakrol#31. Each of the eight wells will be drilled to up to 1600 metres TD and take about 20 days to drill, adds Selan.

Some wells will be inclined, others vertical. “Only after drilling starts,” adds Selan, “can we say if we will go vertical or deviate.

” Selan reckons it will spend up to Rs5cr ($800,000) on each well. In August it also secured DGH approval for three more wells at Indrora to be drilled in 2015-16.

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