Azimut launches 3D recruitment drive

Vol 18, PW 8 (04 Dec 14) News in Brief

Kazakhstan-based seismic contractor Azimut is frantically trying to recruit a second crew in India to speed up work to shoot 1500-sq km 3D at Cairn’s RJ-ON-90/1 block in Rajasthan.

Azimut began shooting 3D on November 19 last year with a contract to carry out 272,000 shots over two years but by December 2 (this month) had barely managed 50,000 shots. Azimut was earlier hoping Russian seismic giant Geotech would rescue it by mobilising a crew, but Geotech has ruled this out.

So Azimut’s agent in India Ananta Geoservices is on a recruitment drive to fill major positions like geophysicists and geologists on one-year contracts. Azimut has been forced to work at a slow pace on the 3D job because of exorbitant compensation demands by local farmers.

“Our company appointed 10-12 different managers to handle the farmers’ demands,” reports an Azimut source. “But none could do it.

” Azimut was awarded the $50m contract by Cairn last July (2013).

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