Cairn to acquire aeromagnetic data

Vol 17, PW 4 (19 Sep 13) News in Brief

Cairn India is gathering as much data as possible at its RJ-ON-90/1 block in Rajasthan in line with plans to almost double oil production from 175,000 b/d to 300,000 b/d over the next three years.

Cairn invited EoIs on September 4 to shoot 7500-sq km gravity and magnetic data using aircraft at an estimated cost of $2m. Cairn wanted EoIs in by September 18.

Among those expected to respond are France's CGG, Canada's Sander Geophysics, UK-based ARKeX, US-based Bell Geospace and Australia’s GPX Surveys. Meanwhile, Kazakhstan-based Azimut Energy, which won a contract to shoot 1500-sq km 3D at the block in July 2013, is set to begin work next month (October).

“Mobilisation of crew and equipment is underway,” we hear. “Senior managers from Cairn’s G&G (Geological & Geophysical) department are camping in Barmer to oversee the mobilisation.

” Azimut is expected to complete the assignment within two years.

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