GeoGlobal bullish about Deccan Syneclise block

Vol 15, PW 6 (22 Sep 11) Exploration & Production

Canadian explorer GeoGlobal Resources wants to begin exploratory drilling at its Deccan Syneclise basin block DS-ONN-2004/1 in Maharashtra by December this year.

PETROWATCH learns GeoGlobal is preparing a tender to hire two onland rigs for a two-well drilling programme at the 2649-sq km NELP-VI block. “Head office (in Canada) should clear the proposal to hire rigs by October,” says a senior company source.

“After that we will issue two separate tenders, one for a 750-hp rig and the other for a 1500-hp rig.” GeoGlobal, he adds, wants to drill both proposed wells from December at a 50-sq km area within the block where the company has identified a potential gas-prone ‘structure’ from geochemical samples.

“Drilling sites for both exploration wells are being readied,” he adds. “We have also carried out ‘gravity magnetic surveys’.

” GeoGlobal wants a 750-hp rig to drill one well to 1500 metres TD to ‘basement’ or ‘below Deccan’ geological formation. The 1500-hp rig will drill the second well to around 2500 metres TD, targeting geological formations older than the ‘below Deccan’ formation.

Oilfield service contractor Asian Oilfield Services is shooting 1000-lkm of 2D for GeoGlobal across DS-ONN-2004/1 and its adjacent 3155-sq km NELP-V block DS-ONN-2003/1. “These blocks have very rough terrain,” we are told.

“We are shooting ‘close grid seismic’ at both blocks using ‘accelerated weight drop technology’.” GeoGlobal, adds an industry source, is the first company in India to use ‘accelerated weight drop technology’ using ‘low frequency geo phones’ to map ‘intra basaltic’ and ‘sub-basalt’ rocks for a better understanding of the Deccan basin.

After a 16-month wait, GeoGlobal received permission on September 8 to begin a 12,000-lkm aeromagnetic survey at DS-ONN-2003/1, which will be carried out by Australian seismic contractor UTS Geophysics.