GeoGlobal exploration drilling delayed to December

Vol 15, PW 26 (12 Jul 12) Exploration & Production

Red tape strikes again.

Canadian operator GeoGlobal Resources has postponed till December plans to begin drilling two exploration wells at its 2649-sq km NELP-VI onland block DS-ONN-2004/1. GeoGlobal originally wanted to begin drilling at the Deccan Syneclise basin block in Maharashtra last December but was forced to endure frustrating environment ministry delays.

“A public hearing was held in April,” says GeoGlobal. “The minutes of the hearing have been sent to the environment ministry and the file is stuck.

” GeoGlobal is hoping delayed clearances will come next month (August). “By then the monsoon rains should end so it will be good timing.

” Drillers can expect a tender by September for a 750-hp land rig. By October this year processing and interpretation of 1000-lkm 2D shot across DS-ONN-2004/1 and the nearby 3155-sq km NELP-V block DS-ONN-2003/1 should be complete.

Asian Oilfield Services shot the 2D last year using Accelerated Weight Drop (AWD) technology to get a better picture of basalt rocks. GeoGlobal has identified five drilling locations at a 50-sq km ‘structure’ within DS-ONN-2004/1.

“We are interpreting data (in-house at a cost of $600,000) to narrow the five locations to two,” we hear. At the second block, DS-ONN-2003/1, GeoGlobal will need a 1500-hp land rig to drill exploration wells for which it is expected to issue a tender next year.

Operator GeoGlobal (100%) signed the PSC for DS-ONN-2004/1 on March 2, 2007, which kicked in on June 7, 2007. GeoGlobal committed to shoot 12,000-lkm 2D in the four-year Phase-I.

Signed on September 23, 2005, the PSC for DS-ONN-2003/1 began from September 2006 after the PEL was secured from Maharashtra. Here GeoGlobal committed to shoot 115-lkm 2D in Phase-I.