Reliance drilling chief in GSPC move rumour

Vol 17, PW 17 (10 Apr 14) News in Brief

Reliance Industries drilling head Rajeev Ranjan is rumoured to want to move to GSPC as its drilling head, replacing Rakesh Johri who retired in mid-March.

“The search for Johri’s replacement began six or seven months back when he said he wanted to leave,” says a senior GSPC manager. “We aren’t just looking for a technically qualified driller.

We want someone who can successfully lead the whole department.” Ranjan, it seems, is becoming restless at Reliance following declining activity at the company’s blocks.

GSPC wants the selected candidate to plan its drilling campaigns at its exploration, discovered and producing acreage in the KG, Cambay and Rajasthan basins. GSPC has interviewed at least 10 candidates over the last two months but refused to confirm if Ranjan appeared for interviews.

“GSPC will happily match the salary of any candidate if he or she is the right person,” says GSPC. Johri was earning Rs6.8 lakhs/month ($11,000).

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