GSPC boss T. Natarajan to Delhi

Vol 22, PW 16 (30 May 19) News in Brief

GSPC managing director T Natarajan, 48, will soon be heading to Delhi for a high-profile job in the defence ministry, if you believe whispers in Gandhinagar.

"Both Delhi and Gandhinagarhave cleared the move," reports a state government source. "He's heading to Delhi in the first half of June."

Natrajan, it seems, is being lined up as joint secretary in the defence ministry. Easy going and relaxed, Natarajan is cautious when asked to confirm his imminent transfer.

"What can I say?" Natarajan tells this report on May 28. "People say a lot of things.

This is only a rumour." But as an afterthought, he adds: "All IAS officers are subject to transfer."

Natarajan joined GSPC as joint managing director in August 2016 and was promoted to full-time MD on July 12, 2018. "Most of his time has been spent trying to clear GSPC's huge debt mountain," we hear.

Known as a hands-on MD with an eye for detail, Natarajan will be best remembered for engineering the sale of GSPC's 80% stake in the Deendayal block to ONGC for $1.19bn in August 2017. Born on May 5, 1971, he is the youngest MD ever to head GSPC.