ONGC seismic to ViaLogy for interpretation

Vol 16, PW 9 (15 Nov 12) News in Brief

Six months after signing the contract, ONGC has finally won Indian defence ministry permission to ship a 100-sq km 3D section of the offshore Mumbai High to California-based ViaLogy for interpretation.

So sensitive is the export of Indian seismic that PETROWATCH learns it was escorted to the US in October by a serving Indian naval captain and ONGC officer who hand-delivered it to ViaLogy, a NASA ‘spin-off’, on arrival in Los Angeles. US-based ViaLogy disclosed in a regulatory filing on April 12 that it had signed a contract with ONGC to apply its proprietary QuantumRD image-enhancing technology to a 3D section of the Mumbai High, the results of which are expected in the first quarter of next year.

If successful, it should allow ONGC to pin-point remaining Mumbai High reserves with greater accuracy and re-visit its library of existing expensive offshore seismic to assess bypassed oil reserves.