Essar accelerates Raniganj development drilling

Vol 16, PW 9 (15 Nov 12) News in Brief

Ruia-controlled Essar has deployed eight drilling rigs at its 500-sq km Raniganj East CBM block or RG (E)-CBM-2001/1.

“We plan to double this to 16 rigs in the coming months,” says Essar. “Most will be hired.

” Essar has drilled over 100 wells till date, having carried out hydro-fracturing work at 75 wells. It received environment ministry clearances in August for another 70 drilling locations and plans to drill four directional wells at each location to 2400 metres in addition to one vertical well to 1000 metres.

“So 70 drilling locations will convert to 350 wells,” we learn. “Essar wants to drill multiple directional wells to save time acquiring land.

It can produce more by perforating several coal seams at once.” Essar hopes to produce 2.8m cm/d from Raniganj by 2014, rising to 3.5m cm/d by 2016 and wants to drill 500 production wells in total.

Around 2.8m cm/d is committed to the upcoming Matix fertiliser factory, 39-km away, likely to be ready by January 2013.