Vol 2, PW 23 (09 Dec 98) Exploration & Production

Petrowatch can report mixed reactions to the much-awaited results of PGS Reservoirs Acquisition, Processing and Interpretation (API) programme on the Bombay High.

On 3 November, a team of between 8-10 representatives from PGS made a technical presentation to an audience of 30-40 staff at ONGCs Mumbai Regional Business Centre in Bombay. The audience included staff from ONGCs Institute of Reservoir Studies (IRS) and the KDMIPE.

One report suggests ONGC was unhappy with the processing element in the package, but satisfied with the acquisition and interpretation elements. A source at ONGC who attended the meeting confirms this when he tells this report that, "for some who attended, expectations were much higher than what was given".

Particular mention was made of PGSs inability to identify gas caps in the L3 reservoir of the Bombay High in the attribute Maps. There appears, however, to have been general satisfaction at the quality of the 3D seismic shot.

Until now, ONGC has relied on old 2D seismic shot by Russian trawlers 20 years ago ("The new 3D clearly showed us numerous faults which we did not know existed"). During the presentation, PGS apparently praised existing work practice at ONGC, insisting that the state explorer has the capability to rectify the problems of the Bombay High with help from the data provided by the API survey.