ETA's idle rigs

Vol 14, PW 18 (10 Mar 11) News in Brief

Dubai-based drilling contractor ETA Star is on the look-out for work for two of its onland drilling rigs lying idle in remote north-eastern and southern parts of India.

PETROWATCH learns one of the rigs, WAFA STAR 6, was released by ONGC on December 10 after a four-well HP/HT (High Pressure High Temperature) drilling programme to the Rokhia structure in distant Tripura, on the other side of Bangladesh, using a 15,000-psi BOP. Before drilling for ONGC, the 2000-hp WAFA STAR 6 rig drilled a single well for Indian explorer Jubilant at NELP-IV block AA-ONN-2002/1, which it shares with GAIL.

After de-mobilisation, WAFA STAR 6 is still in Tripura. A second ETA rig, WAFA STAR 1, is lying idle in Tamil Nadu after drilling four dry holes for Niko Resources at the 957-sq km Cauvery basin onland block CY-ONN-2003/1, which Canadian explorer has since relinquished.

ETA has six rigs: two in India (above) and four in Libya. Two of its Libyan rigs are 1500-hp and two are 2000-hp.