Deen Dayal well

Vol 14, PW 18 (10 Mar 11) News in Brief

Good news from GSPC’s Deen Dayal East field, located not far from Deen Dayal West - site of a major gas discovery offshore Andhra Pradesh.

PETROWATCH learns GSPC expects to find “good hydrocarbon bearing zones” in well DDE-APP-1, a ‘deviated’ well drilled by Aban Offshore’s jack-up Deep Driller-I in water depths of 101 metres. At present, the rig has drilled to a measured depth of 3472 metres, still short of its 5633-metre target, and a total vertical depth (TVD) of 2936 metres, still short of its 4810-metre TVD target.

“Third-party and in-house evaluation work for further appraisal activities at this block are also in progress,” we hear. Geological and geophysical agencies are busy evaluating ‘Q-Marine data’ to design an “optimal well programme” for the proposed Deen Dayal West development.

This data was jointly evaluated by GSPC and Texas-based oilfield service provider Blade Energy.

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