All options open for Deen Dayal development

Vol 18, PW 1 (28 Aug 14) Exploration & Production

GSPC is examining all options to develop six discoveries at its NELP-III eastern offshore block KG-OSN-2001/3, best known for the Deen Dayal West (DDW) project, to keep costs low and avoid delays.

GSPC’s Phase-II and Phase-III development plans require between one and three new wellhead platforms and a possible Process cum Living Quarters Platform (PLQP) in water depths of 60 to 105 metres. Under the first option GSPC will install one new wellhead platform at each of the Deen Dayal West Downthrown (DDW-DT), Deen Dayal East (DDE) and Deen Dayal North (DDN) areas.

These platforms could be hooked up to established facilities at Deen Dayal West, less than a mile away, through 10-inch diameter well fluid pipelines and an umbilical for controls, power and chemical injection. Option two will see GSPC install one small wellhead platform in the DDW-DT area near the KG-31 well, with wells in the DDE and DDN areas developed using subsea templates or steel structures lowered to the seabed.

These wells will be tied back to the proposed KG-31 wellhead platform, which in turn will be hooked up to the DDW process facilities. Under option three, GSPC is looking at two new well head platforms in DDE and DDN hooked up to a new wellhead cum process platform in the DDW-DT area, which would process the well fluid, gas and condensate.

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