Alphageo seismic

Vol 14, PW 18 (10 Mar 11) News in Brief

Hyderabad-based seismic survey contractor Alphageo began shooting 2D and 3D seismic on March 7 for Mumbai-based Mercator Petroleum at onland Gujarat block CB-ONN-2005/9.

PETROWATCH learns Alphageo will shoot 545-lkm 2D and 132-sq km 3D at this NELP-VII block and is expected to complete work by June this year. Alphageo will process the seismic but it will be interpreted in Mumbai by Oilmax Energy, hired by Mercator to manage the project.

Mercator has also committed to reprocess 306-lkm of old 2D shot by ONGC at this 170-sq km block and to drill eight exploration wells during the four-year Phase-I. It believes there’s a good chance of finding ‘hydrocarbons’ at the block, as ONGC’s Palej field lies to the east.

Mercator received the Petroleum Exploration Licence (PEL) for CB-ONN-2005/9 in June 2010 from Gujarat state authorities. But the PEL excluded populated area of Bharuch city, effectively reducing exploration area to 132-sq km.

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