Alphageo in Yemen

Vol 14, PW 7 (23 Sep 10) News in Brief

After Georgia, will it be Yemen Hyderabad-based seismic contractor Alphageo is bidding in two separate tenders in Yemen as it scouts for more work outside India through its new Dubai-based subsidiary.

One tender in Yemen is for 600-lkm 2D and 600-sq km 3D for Indonesian company Medco, while another is for Kuwait Energy Corporation. In Georgia, Alphageo is mobilising crew and kit to begin a 770-lkm 2D survey by end-October or early November across Blocks IX and X operated by Jindal Petroleum.

Announced on September 20, this is the first overseas job won by BSE-listed Alphageo, which beat off four other companies to win the $7.5m contract. “Our experience of Arunachal Pradesh came in handy for this contract,” Alphageo tells us.

“Arunachal Pradesh is similar to this part of Georgia; lots of forests and mountains.” Included in Alphageo’s equipment en route to Georgia are a ‘scorpion recording system’ and five US-made 62,000-pound weight vibrator trucks.