Alphageo finishes 3D for Interlink

Vol 13, PW 12 (19 Nov 09) News in Brief

Hyderabad-based seismic contractor Alphageo has completed a 45-sq km 3D acquisition programme at the Baola and Modhera onshore Gujarat fields near Ahmedabad operated by BSE-listed Interlink Petroleum.

On September 25, Alphageo completed acquisition of 3D at the 12.7-sq km Modhera field, while on November 9 it finished its survey at the 4-sq km Baola field – it had started that survey on October 27. Interlink, we learn, is waiting for DGH approval before it hires a contractor to interpret and process all the 3D data.

Processing is expected to take two to three months. At a November 23 board meeting, Interlink directors will discuss when to issue a tender for a drilling rig that can either re-enter previous wells or drill new ones at Baola and Modhera.

Interlink hopes to begin drilling by early April next year. Modhera has never produced and Baola was producing 12,000 cm/d gas from one well till it was capped by Interlink in June 2004.

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