Nabors Drilling rig is on its way to Deen Dayal

Vol 15, PW 14 (26 Jan 12) Exploration & Production

A long-awaited ‘modular rig’ from US-based Nabors Drilling is set to finally arrive at GSPC’s Deen Dayal West field at eastern offshore shallow water block KG-OSN-2001/3.

PETROWATCH learns Rig 805, which is being shipped from a Houston rig yard as a semi-knocked down ‘kit’, is expected to reach Deen Dayal West on January 28. GSPC tells us the vessel carrying Rig 805 reached Sri Lankan waters last Sunday (January 22) after leaving Houston sometime in December.

Once the refurbished rig arrives at Deen Dayal, it will be assembled and mounted on the 16-slot well-head platform which sits atop the KG-8 gas discovery well. GSPC believes it could take 30 days to assemble and mount the rig onto the platform, installed by Larsen & Toubro in May 2011.

“Hopefully the Nabors rig can begin drilling by end February,” we hear. GSPC originally wanted a modular rig at Deen Dayal by October 2011 at the latest.

But it awarded the estimated $100m contract to second-ranked bidder Nabors only in April 2011, after scrapping an earlier 2010 contract with Delhi-based Tuff Drilling, which failed to mobilise. GSPC’s Letter of Award to Nabors reads: “The contractor shall arrange to construct, ship, ‘customs clear’, transport, install and commission the 3000-HP modular platform rig with a 15,000-psi BOP stack at the Deen Dayal well-head platform for an Effective Day Rate of $62,000.

” GSPC will use Rig 805 to complete three development wells drilled by Aban Offshore jack-up Deep Driller-1. Rig 805 will also drill and complete eight more development wells and ‘tie back’ and complete four old wells.

Deep Driller-1, hired by GSPC since March 2010 at $112,000/day, has drilled three Deen Dayal West development wells since September 12 last year, each to a depth of 4500 metres.

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